eMcREY is a successful and ambitious business with offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Canada, Cyprus and Lebanon; and a growing team of specialists implementing complex solutions for a wide range of clients.

Driven by a desire to continually evolve and innovate within our field, we help business in the financial services, government, transit and energy sectors create technology ecosystems that support profitability and growth.

Our mission is “to be a dedicated partner, known for innovation, creativity, quality and commitment; delivering success for our clients and each other.” It is one that relies on having the right people, with the right skills and the right attitude to play a key role in contributing to, and sharing in, our success.

We employ a team of experts in a variety of technical, development and business-related roles based either in one of our offices or on client premises, depending on project requirements. Working to develop or implement our own suite of APEX products and solutions; or integrating our solutions with those of our partners including FIS, Entrust, Oracle, Visa and IBM, our teams are closely supported by management so that they can continue to enhance their own skills and opportunities within a structured employee development programme that includes the eMcREY Academy.

Job Profiles

Associate Solution Engineer

Associate Solution Engineers join us as graduates, usually with a degree in Software Engineering or a related Engineering discipline. After initial technical training, they quickly start to develop on-the-job experience, applying their ability to write code and solve problems on a customer-facing project. While working they receive mentoring from senior colleagues and participate in the eMcREY Academy to increase their knowledge and skills.

Solution Tester

Our Solution Testers also join as graduates and progress to this level after 2+ years with the company. By this time, they will have taken professional ISTQB Testing qualifications and worked alongside senior colleagues to develop test scripts, plan testing scenarios and help execute different stages of software testing in the internal and user environments.

Product Support Analyst

The Product Support Analyst is part of a team providing ongoing post-implementation support, including day-to-day issues monitoring and management, system maintenance and upgrades, often on client premises. This role requires a solid understanding of specific eMcREY and partner products, as well as soft skills to build and manage productive working relationships with client teams and internal development teams.

Business Analyst

Business Analysts are more senior team members, often with more than 10 years of experience in financial services systems development and project management. Their role is to analyze and understand client business and functional requirements, often for large and complex projects. This requires advanced understanding of payment systems at the client, national and regional level, to ensure that projects deliver the anticipated business benefits and technical capabilities.

Current Vacancies

We welcome applications for our current vacancies listed below, which are updated on a regular basis. Please read the specification carefully and only apply if you meet the requirements stated.

If you would like to make an enquiry about opportunities that are not listed here, please email with your resume and area of interest.

eMcREY Academy

For further information please visit

The eMcREY Academy provides employees, clients and partners with a combination of online and classroom-based learning and workplace mentoring

Sharing knowledge and expertise about:

  • eMcREY and partner solutions and products
  • Financial services market context
  • New and emerging technologies
  • Specific role-related skills

New employees are automatically enrolled in the eMcREY Academy so that they can learn new, or enhance existing knowledge and skills that can support their roles and future careers.