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eMcREY at the forefront of digital financial transformation during the Arab Fintech Forum 2023

eMcREY took part as a Gold Sponsor in the second edition of the Arab Fintech Forum held at the Ritz Carlton in Doha, Qatar on 10 – 11 October 2023. The event brought together industry experts and key players in the financial sector, as well as fintech representatives from around the world.

The forum provided a platform for networking and featured local and international companies showcasing their services and expertise including Mastercard, eMcREY, R3 and HyperPay.

eMcREY had the opportunity to share valuable insights reflecting its deep experience in digital financial transformation during the two-day forum. Johnny Maalouf, Principal Solutions Director, participated in a panel discussion on “Open Banking & Financial Inclusion,” where he highlighted crucial considerations for the financial industry, emphasizing eMcREY’s expertise in a broad range of technologies that drive financial inclusion.

One of the main topics discussed was the importance of establishing a world-class payment infrastructure to support financial inclusion, particularly in the banking context. Access to affordable and efficient payment systems is crucial for promoting financial inclusion and allowing individuals and businesses to actively engage in the global economy. “At eMcREY, we recognize the importance of achieving interoperability between national FMIs, traditional banks, open banking and payment fintech to improve financial inclusion. Instant payment interoperability between banks and mobile operators have already made significant strides in this regard” – said Johnny Maalouf.

The panel highlighted the importance of designing open banking systems with a focus on financial inclusion. Johnny Maalouf suggested the potential of tokenizing open banking on a secure blockchain with transparent governance. eMcREY’s collaborative work with banks demonstrates the potential of this technology in reducing barriers for open banking, ultimately facilitating financial inclusion through improved data collection and accessible credit and payment services.

eMcREY also highlighted the role of digital currencies and tokenized assets as part of the larger financial ecosystem and how it can play a role in helping commercial and retail banks innovate and launch new services.

Furthermore, the panel emphasized the future of money and its evolution worldwide. With the emergence of digital currencies and innovative payment methods, traditional monetary systems are undergoing rapid transformation. eMcREY is helping drive this technology evolution by offering solutions that cover the complete payment landscape, enabling financial institutions and individuals to adapt proactively to the changing global transaction landscape.

In recognition of eMcREY’s contribution, Abdelkader Dimassi, Project Manager, was awarded the eMcREY trophy. This reflects eMcREY’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of fintech and driving positive change in the financial industry.

eMcREY’s participation in the second edition of the Arab Fintech Forum was an exceptional opportunity to engage with industry leaders, exchange knowledge, and contribute to fostering financial inclusion. eMcREY remains committed to continuing its transformative work, leveraging technology to build a more inclusive and sustainable financial ecosystem for all.