Card payment and token management

Card Management

Capturing demand.
Delivering customer-focussed portfolios.

Since 2006, eMcREY has built its reputation on creating tailored, end-to-end card-based solutions which help financial services companies deliver profitable, customer-focused product portfolios.

As cash declines and use of contactless payments and mobile wallets accelerates, eMcREY’s expertise helps organizations continue to create relevant card products to serve the distinct needs of target customer segments.

In the competitive world of card issuing, the ability to closely tailor products to customer needs and apply behavioral insights is a real advantage. Advanced technologies and artificial intelligence can help financial institutions gain a competitive edge.

Apex CardPlus provides a wide range of functionality designed to enhance aspects of the card management process, including applications servicing, collections management and analysis, Islamic finance and Sharia compliance, advanced instalment management, insurance and taxes management and over-limit and credit authorization control (OCAC).


Apex CMS provides complete functionality for managing the card or wallet lifecycle, from issuance to transaction authorization. A proven, highly configurable multi-currency, multi-institution solution, it helps businesses to maximise profitability, improve operational efficiency and minimize risk.


Apex Collection is a highly automated solution for improving end-to-end management of the debt collection process, providing comprehensive functionality to monitor the status of due and overdue payments and engage with account holders in a professional, efficient and structured manner.

Apex Credit+ enhances the credit card application process for issuers and their customers, managing behavioral scoring and fee calculations, card production and PIN assignment. Apex Credit+ also contains comprehensive features for instant issuance, Islamic credit card management and the support of smart custom payment plans.


The Apex Data Analysis Platform provides comprehensive analytical capabilities to complement other parts of the Apex Suite. It employs machine learning-based data analysis, coupled with a sophisticated rules engine, advanced statistical modelling, predictive capabilities and detailed reporting facilities.


Apex Eligibility and Scoring is a powerful tool for robust data analysis, allowing businesses to make sound judgments when offering credit-based products to consumers.  Its highly flexible rules engine and its machine-learning based behavioral analysis engine use a range of scoring mechanisms to automate this part of the application process.


Apex KMS is a robust solution for the generation, exchange and use of cryptographic keys, using clearly defined protocols to secure cardholder and transaction data for EMV and mada payments. It allows mobile banking providers to easily handle the complex cryptography required by card scheme and wallet rules to prevent compromise of sensitive data.


Apex Loyalty provides online card and merchant loyalty programme management, without the need for an embedded smart card loyalty application. It includes configurable functionality for managing a range of reward options for different categories of cardholders and merchants, accrued from virtually any transaction type, giving organizations the ideal platform to design loyalty schemes to suit their business needs.


Managing plastic card stock inventory is a logistical challenge for many issuers.  Apex Inventory provides end-to-end functionality to accurately control card inventory through the entire cycle from purchase to delivery into the cardholder’s hands. Its flexible process flows for centralized or branch issuance can be configured to meet the needs of individual institutions and support complex stock management across multiple vendors and card types.


Plastic cards remain vulnerable to fraud until they safely reach the cardholder. Apex Tracker integrates with inventory management and the card management system to handle the dispatch and delivery of cards, providing enhanced authorization and security features to reduce risk at each step of the process.


Apex Issuance is a comprehensive solution for issuance of a range of electronic payment types, including debit and credit cards, contactless, NFC and other types of tokens, both centrally and instantly in-branch. With a wide range of applications including payments, ID management, loyalty management and mobile, Apex Issuance offers both on-premises and outsourced models. Adaptable, with a range of advanced security options, the system incorporates features for ongoing, dynamic management of cards and tokens in the field.


Apex PIN Manager is an end-to-end solution which provides rich functionality for multi-channel PIN management. Extremely flexible and secure, it allows financial services companies to configure PIN management services to suit their business needs and is compliant with PCI and international card scheme requirements.

Apex PIN Manager has a wide range of integration options, allowing it to fit seamlessly into any card and token issuance environment. From PIN generation and verification to PIN Pad device management and innovative CHIP personalisation, Apex PIN Management’s comprehensive capabilities create a reliable and robust infrastructure for keeping customer and transaction information safe and secure.


In the world of e-commerce, securing card transactions against fraud is essential. The international card schemes have devised advanced second factor authentication mechanisms and technologies to ensure positive customer authentication and approval at the start of the payment process, even before the transaction request is submitted for payment.

An approved and certified vendor for both Visa and MasterCard, as well as a MasterCard Digital Vendor Gold Partner, eMcREY has created its Apex Secure product to offer compliant and certified second factor authentication for card issuers. Providing end-to-end support for Mastercard 3D secure and Verified by Visa, the solution is available both cloud-based and on-premise, making it an ideal option for implementations where card data must remain onshore.