CBDCs and Blockchain Solutions

A new generation of digital solutions
New payment opportunities

Central banks, commercial banks and fintechs are exploring how digital currencies, other types of digital assets and blockchain solutions can solve banking and payment problems, safeguard monetary sovereignty, reduce cash, streamline monetary policy and promote financial inclusion. This new generation of digital solutions also has extensive potential applications for other sectors, such as manufacturing and government.

eMcREY remains at the forefront of technology evolution, helping clients manage the benefits, risks and regulatory requirements associated with new technologies. From consultancy and use case development to Proof-of-Concept exercises, Pilot projects and full implementation, we support organisations looking to extend their capabilities by exploring digital advancements.

As the digital financial services ecosystem expands, providers must meet changing customer requirements and develop new products for a digitalized world. Central Banks around the world are recognising the benefits of issuing digital currencies, backed by distributed ledger technology to record transactions immutably and keep them secure. Use cases for central banks, wholesale banks, retail banks and fintechs vary from market to market and include applications from digital wallets and credit scoring to treasury management and cross-border payments. Entirely new payment opportunities are arising in digital supply chain integration involving the internet of things.

eMcREY’s team has long experience of working with central banks and deep expertise in the design and implementation of national and cross-border payments infrastructure. We have completed advisory studies for countries exploring CBDC and stablecoin implementation, and consultancy, in-house research and project management for proof of concept ‘sandbox’ initiatives and pilot projects. Working with its partner R3, the leading global provider of distributed ledger solutions for CBDCs, eMcREY helps both central banks and commercial institutions realise the full potential of the CBDC vision and strategy for a digital ecosystem.

DLT and Blockchain Solutions
Distributed ledger technology enables organisations to rationalise and improve many processes which depend on high levels of security and integrity. Often, these involve the transfer of sensitive information between multiple parties and the execution of smart contracts to automate a workflow or simplify regulatory reporting obligations. Blockchain solutions have many benefits, including speed, efficiency, safety, transparency and cost reduction. They can also be used to develop completely new products such as green finance solutions for fintechs and governments and many banking and payment innovations such as the elimination of certain reconciliation tasks. We are also assisting commercial banks in exploring the opportunities of issuing their own virtual assets such as Tokenised Deposits for profitable application within the digital ecosystem.

eMcREY’s team has built substantial experience, working with a wide range of commercial and open source blockchain platforms, including R3’s Corda, Oracle Blockchain and Hyperledger variants. Our team has successfully deployed numerous blockchain use cases supporting critical projects across industries such as finance, insurance, energy, public sector, education, customs, housing and supply chain management.

R3 Corda
Corda is widely recognized as the best-in-class platform for financial services because it is permissioned by design and purpose-built for high-value transactions on secure, open distributed networks. It was engineered to meet the needs of customers who are operating at scale in regulated environments. Corda allows next-generation multi-party applications to be built on a modern and flexible foundation. Read more about R3 on our Partner Products page.