Fraud, AML and Risk Management

Fraud, AML and Risk Management

Mitigating risk.
Tackling fraud.

Fraud remains among the most urgent problems facing organizations today.  Whether it’s fraud at the level of individual account activity, employee-originated fraud or organized crime, unauthorized and illegal activity can have a devastating impact on reputation and business operations.

eMcREY offers a range of advanced solutions to help organizations mitigate the risks and costs associated with managing fraud.


Identifying and mitigating the risks associated with transaction fraud is an ongoing challenge for issuers, acquirers and all financial institutions. Apex Fraud prevents fraud at the point of origin by capturing suspicious transactions during the in-line authorisation process. A scalable and highly configurable multi-institution, multi-currency solution, Apex Fraud complies with the requirements of all the major international card schemes and also supports local market rules.


Apex Risks Rules & Reports provides sophisticated rules definition, using a range of parameters to provide businesses with a robust toolkit for identifying and acting on suspicious transactions, as they happen. Real-time and near-real-time intervention – for example by de-activating a POS terminal or blocking a card – means that losses can be minimized at the point where fraudulent activity takes place.


The Apex Data Analysis Platform provides comprehensive analytical capabilities to complement other parts of the Apex Suite. It employs machine learning-based data analysis, coupled with a sophisticated rules engine, advanced statistical modelling, predictive capabilities and detailed reporting facilities.