Integration Middleware Automation and eGovernment

Integration, Middleware, Automation and eGovernment

Increasing efficiency.
Securing information.

Digital technology provides endless opportunities to increase efficiency in organizations where information has traditionally been siloed, or where immediate access to data can significantly enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. Sectors with large volumes of data – including government – can leverage new technologies, middleware and automation to better manage relationships, reduce friction in processes and gain a consolidated view of previously disparate or untapped information.

eMcREY is highly experienced in helping utility companies, government departments and other organizations to bridge the gaps between existing systems and automate workflows – especially in situations where a relationship of trust is essential to securing personal or commercial information.


Apex IoT creates opportunities for utilities providers and other industries to upgrade their business model by communicating with in-home or embedded smart-device technology in real-time. Acting as a bridge between the company’s wireless communication system and the internet-enabled technology, Apex IoT creates a unique, efficient and highly secure IoT management system which improves customer satisfaction and provides the foundation to reap the benefits of IoT by incorporating advanced cybersecurity control and management tools to create highly secured connections.


The Apex Data Analysis Platform provides comprehensive analytical capabilities to complement other parts of the Apex Suite. It employs machine learning-based data analysis, coupled with a sophisticated rules engine, advanced statistical modelling, predictive capabilities and detailed reporting facilities.