Merchant Aquiring

Merchant Acquiring

High performance.
Reduced costs.

Acquiring banks have to offer high levels of customer service at a competitive cost to support the successful growth of retailers in their merchant portfolio. High-performing merchant management solutions reduce the cost of ownership for banks and retailers, facilitate entry into new market segments and adoption of new technologies, as well as building long-term productive relationships.


Apex Merchant is a complete POS and merchant management system, which allows constructive relationships to be managed through one secure system. It includes functionality for merchant set-up, fully flexible fee and commission structures, merchant settlement and exception management. It also includes assignment and set-up of POS terminals and POS inventory management on the same platform, for lower cost of ownership and reduced risk.


SoftPOS makes point-of-sale transactions easier than ever before, facilitating commerce by bringing together two of the fastest growing payments categories – contactless and mobile – and transforming a smartphone into a portable POS terminal.

Apex Acquirer Portal onboards merchants with minimal intervention, so transaction revenues can start flowing quickly. It provides complete functionality for SoftPOS terminal inventory management, merchant management and transaction inquiry and reporting.

Apex Merchant Portal provides fast set-up so that merchants can focus on customer service and accept payments using only the smartphone. Transaction status can be tracked from the main dashboard. With functionality for user authorization, transaction reporting and terminal management functionality, SoftPOS gives merchants better control over payments and associated information.


Tailored retail loyalty and rewards programs allow organizations to retain and incentivise customers, increasing spend and creating strong brand-led communities.

Apex Loyalty provides online card and merchant loyalty programme management, without the need for an embedded smart card loyalty application. It includes configurable functionality for managing a range of reward options for different categories of cardholders and merchants, accrued from virtually any transaction type, giving organizations the ideal platform to design loyalty schemes to suit their business needs.


Blockchain technology can help streamline the merchant onboarding process, reducing errors and processing time.

Apex Decentralized Onboarding is a blockchain solution which synchronizes data between all the parties involved – acquiring banks, network service providers and POS hardware providers. Data is distributed securely across all entities in a shared ledger which removes discrepancies and reduces manual processing, allowing digitization to transform business processes.


In the world of e-commerce, securing card transactions against fraud is essential. The international card schemes have devised advanced second factor authentication mechanisms and technologies to ensure positive customer authentication and approval at the start of the payment process, even before the transaction request is submitted for payment.

An approved and certified vendor for both Visa and MasterCard, as well as a MasterCard Digital Vendor Gold Partner, eMcREY has created its Apex Secure product to offer compliant and certified second factor authentication for card issuers. Providing end-to-end support for Mastercard 3D secure and Verified by Visa, the solution is available both cloud-based and on-premise, making it an ideal option for implementations where card data must remain onshore.