Mobile Payments & Toekenization

Mobile Payments and Tokenization

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With constantly increasing smartphone penetration, mobile has overtaken other channels for delivery of a wide range of secure, seamless financial and related services.

eMcREY solutions are designed to leverage the convenience and enhanced user experience of mobile across a range of sectors, while ensuring the security and integrity of data.  They incorporate an advanced range of options allowing financial institutions, online retailers and mobile providers to serve the needs and preferences of their consumers for mobile-led interactions, from simple payments to multi-currency mobile wallets.


Easily integrated into the existing systems environment, including middleware, core banking and card management systems, hardware and NFC readers, Apex Mobile Services Platform facilitates a fast and easy way to bring mobile services to market. Providing a suite of innovative services for mobile payments and e-commerce, the Apex Mobile Services Platform supports NFC HCE advanced mobile payments as well as legacy systems such as legacy ATM networks.


QR codes are simplifying the way people pay for goods and services. Apex QR provides a customer app and merchant acquiring capabilities which allow standardized QR codes to be accepted as part of an open-loop EMV payment system, replacing the requirement for plastic cards and helping retailers to encourage cashless transactions.


Apex Crypto is an advanced solution for in-app provisioning of encryption keys, ensuring the integrity of mobile transaction data. It is compatible with the encrypted PassData required for Apple mobile payments, as well as the complex cryptographic algorithms mandated by Visa, Mastercard and mada.


Apex KMS is a robust solution for the generation, exchange and use of cryptographic keys, using clearly defined protocols to secure cardholder and transaction data for EMV and mada payments. It allows mobile banking providers to easily handle the complex cryptography required by card scheme and wallet rules to prevent compromise of sensitive data.


The Apex Data Analysis Platform provides comprehensive analytical capabilities to complement other parts of the Apex Suite. It employs machine learning-based data analysis, coupled with a sophisticated rules engine, advanced statistical modelling, predictive capabilities and detailed reporting facilities.


Apex Green is a Provisioning Fraud System, which works alongside the Apex Mobile Services Platform to provide provision authorization in real-time, near-real-time or batch mode. It processes provisioning requests based on bank rules and a sophisticated rules engine, which prevents mobile transaction fraudsters masquerading as cardholders.


Apex ITSP is an Issuer Token Service Provider solution for financial institutions, which supports inbound and outbound messages from the relevant card scheme. The solution works with the Apex Mobile Services Platform and is certified for mada, Mastercard MDES and Visa VTS.

The solution includes a client component which allows administrators to manage configuration, monitoring and reporting.


Part of the appeal of mobile payments apps and wallets is the ability to see an accurate an up-to-date list of transactions.

Apex THS is a transaction history server that works in tandem with mobile app platforms, including Apex Mobile Services Platform. It provides transaction history as mini statements within mobile payments apps and wallets including OEM Pay wallets like Apple Pay. It consolidates transactions from issuers and provides secure APIs to make transaction details available on mobile user interfaces.


Apex CMS-D provides the credentials functionality mandated by Mastercard MDES tokenization for certain types of mobile wallet.