Payment Gateway and EFT Switching

Payment Gateway and EFT Switching

Seamless payments.
Highly scalable.

The digital payments industry is worth more then $5 trillion annually, with customers embracing multiple digital payment types including mobile and e-commerce payments. Payments are becoming instant in many countries as consumers and businesses demand faster access to their money.

Proliferation of payments channels means that the ability to seamlessly manage payment flows has never been more critical. eMcREY offers a range of highly scalable payments issuing, acquiring, authorization and switching solutions to support a fast-paced digital payments ecosystem.


Apex Enterprise Online Payment is an advanced and feature-rich system which allows the seamless and fast introduction of online payments management into the established payments infrastructure, with minimal disruption and at an affordable cost.  Issuing, acquiring, security and reporting are consolidated on a single platform, which can be easily integrated with other Apex products for reconciliation, merchant management and settlement.


The Apex Data Analysis Platform provides comprehensive analytical capabilities to complement other parts of the Apex Suite. It employs machine learning-based data analysis, coupled with a sophisticated rules engine, advanced statistical modelling, predictive capabilities and detailed reporting facilities.


Apex KMS is a robust solution for the generation, exchange and use of cryptographic keys, using clearly defined protocols to secure cardholder and transaction data for EMV and mada payments. It allows mobile banking providers to easily handle the complex cryptography required by card scheme and wallet rules to prevent compromise of sensitive data.