payment vehicle issuance

Payment Vehicles Issuance

Agile capabilities.
Enhanced security.

As the range of payment vehicles increases, it becomes increasingly important for agile issuance capabilities to underpin flexible business strategies, reduce costs and improve responsiveness to customer preferences.  From end-to-end management of traditional plastic card inventory to mobile issuance, eMcREY has a range of solutions to facilitates the implementation of agile operational strategies, increase process automation and enhance security.


Apex Issuance is a comprehensive solution for issuance of a range of electronic payment types, including debit and credit cards, contactless, NFC and other types of tokens, both centrally and instantly in-branch. With a wide range of applications including payments, ID management, loyalty management and mobile, Apex Issuance offers both on-premises and outsourced models. Adaptable, with a range of advanced security options, the system incorporates features for ongoing, dynamic management of cards and tokens in the field.


Managing plastic card stock inventory is a logistical challenge for many issuers.  Apex Inventory provides end-to-end functionality to accurately control card inventory through the entire cycle from purchase to delivery into the cardholder’s hands. Its flexible process flows for centralized or branch issuance can be configured to meet the needs of individual institutions and support complex stock management across multiple vendors and card types.


Plastic cards remain vulnerable to fraud until they safely reach the cardholder. Apex Tracker integrates with inventory management and the card management system to handle the dispatch and delivery of cards, providing enhanced authorization and security features to reduce risk at each step of the process.


Apex KMS is a robust solution for the generation, exchange and use of cryptographic keys, using clearly defined protocols to secure cardholder and transaction data for EMV and mada payments. It allows mobile banking providers to easily handle the complex cryptography required by card scheme and wallet rules to prevent compromise of sensitive data.