Transit Solutions

Transit Solutions

Improved experience.
Reduced dependence.

Smart cities around the world are using digital payments solutions to create seamless ways to pay for travel on public transport, including trains, trams and bus networks. These solutions improve passenger experience, reduce dependence on cash for ticket purchases and lower operational costs for transit companies.

eMcREY offers an end-to-end, open-loop solution for automated fare collection, from payment gateway to back-office settlement and reconciliation.


Apex Transit allows customers to tap-and-go using a range of card and mobile-based payments at fixed and mobile terminals, whether the fare is known in advance or calculated at the end of the journey. eMcREY acts as the Payment Service Provider (PSP), offering complete functionality for terminal management, payment gateway, risk management, tokenization, payment authorization, switching, settlement and reconciliation and debt recovery, as well as back-office administration. The solution interfaces seamlessly with EMV and mada card schemes.


Apex KMS is a robust solution for the generation, exchange and use of cryptographic keys, using clearly defined protocols to secure cardholder and transaction data for EMV and mada payments. It allows mobile banking providers to easily handle the complex cryptography required by card scheme and wallet rules to prevent compromise of sensitive data.