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eMcREY celebrates new R3 partnership at CordaCon conference in London

CEO Mona Yahchouchi and members of the eMcREY team including Christopher Yahchouchi, Data and Strategy Manager, and blockchain expert Marwan Zakhia were in London for the R3 CordaCon 2022 event on 27-28 September. eMcREY is partnering with R3 to help clients understand how blockchain technology can support innovation and improve business operations.

CordaCon 2022 attendees enjoyed a range of business and technical presentations, including sessions from banks and other organizations at various stages of their blockchain journey. There was also the opportunity to learn more about the Corda roadmap. Key topics included regulation, interoperability, and transformation of back-office processes, especially in capital markets and wholesale banking. Delegates also heard how blockchain enhances the potential for CBDCs and other forms of digital currency.

Supplementing our broad range of technology specialisms, eMcREY has implemented blockchain use cases across a range of sectors, including financial services, insurance, government, housing, education, energy and supply chain management. The company has complemented its proven payments offering with blockchain solutions specifically in the context of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), digital asset management and cross-border payments.

eMcREY already has more than 13 engineers certified on R3 Corda Enterprise and expects this number to grow as the company provides consultancy, feasibility studies and pilot projects for organizations considering how blockchain might make their business processes more secure, standardized, immutable and transparent.

“It was a privilege to attend our first CordaCon event, as we partner with R3 to combine best-in-class solutions with eMcREY’s deep technology understanding, advanced technical skills and extensive local knowledge across markets and clients in the Middle East and beyond,” commented Mona Yahchouchi. “The conference was a terrific opportunity to meet with others who are already innovating in blockchain and to learn about market developments from around the world.”

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